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Behavior Management
Strategy: The Level System
Appropriate Grade Level: 1st-12th grade
 There are four values to the level system – belonging, mastery,
independence, and generosity (see below for definitions of each value).
 A student is expected to meet a particular pre-established rating daily
in order to progress forward.
 Once the student’s progress at a given level is consistent the student
moves to the next level.
 The students are rated twice a day on their progress towards their
goals. Rating is 1-6; A rating of one indicates the greatest need for
support, supervisions, and intervention in order for the student to be
successful. A rating of six signifies that the student only required the
support supervision, and intervention usually expected for peers the
same age.
 Review progress with the student.
Comments and/or tips:
 There are four essential components of self-esteem: the need for
significance, competence, power, and virtue.
 Belonging: Becoming a participating member of the group
 Building individual skills, developing self control, and being a
contributing member of the group.
 Practicing self discipline and group leadership skills.
 Accepting responsibility for self and the well being of others.
 This strategy helps teachers realize what moves the student along
towards their goals.
 Make adjustments based on student’s individual needs
Harper, E. (2005). A circle of courage level system in day treatment.
Reclaiming Children and Youth, 14(3), 152-156.