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[Fall 2015]
[RM 400]
Teacher: [Mrs. Cleveland]
E-Mail: [[email protected]]
Planning Time: [1-2]
Greetings! I am excited to work with your student this semester in Debate. This year we will work in class on Public
Forum and Lincoln- Douglas debate techniques. The Top students from each class will be invited to compete at the
district level in debate tournaments. There will be 2 tournaments a semester. We will have frequent workshops with
guest judges and local debate experts.
A little about myself: I hold a BFA in Musical Theatre from Sam Houston State University and a Masters of
Education in Reading/ Literacy. This is my third year at T.H. Rogers.
Students will explore higher level thinking as they develop a deeper understanding of world events, theories, and
professional argumentation.
Course Goals and Learning Outcomes
Each student will take part in numerous professional debates
Course Requirements
Each student will be required to research & write
Each student will be required to memorize
Each student will be required to Debate classmates
Course Schedule/Unit Topics
Speech vocabulary and introductory speech
Voice and body language technique
Speech presentations
Public forum Debate
Lincoln –Douglas Debate
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guidelines mentioned in this document)
Student name:
Parent name:
Parent cell number:
Parent email:
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Required resources:
 Pencil, loose leaf paper, highlighter, notecards- to bring to class EVERY DAY
 Folder for class work and handouts
Grading Procedures
 Conduct and participation grades
 Assignments are to be returned and inputted into Grade Speed within five (5) school days
 Late work is to be accepted with reduced points. Refer to the school handbook for late work policies as specified by
grade level
 Formative assessments shall not be factored into the course grade
 Ensure a minimum of three (3) assessment opportunities per nine weeks. Projects and presentations count toward
test grades.
Outside learning opportunities: will be available school-wide through the Drama Club.
Ongoing Parent-Teacher Communication
Please feel free to contact me regularly at [email protected]
Ongoing Parent-Teacher Communication
Please feel free to contact me regularly at [email protected]