Unit 6: Domestic & Foreign Policy

Unit 6: Domestic & Foreign Policy
Essential Questions:
1. What determines public policy?
2. Who has the greatest impact on public policy and how did they achieve such influence?
3. What trends are apparent in all aspect of U.S. public policy?
Instructional Objectives Students will demonstrate the ability to:
1. Define public policy.
2. Identify the key stages in determining and legislating public policy.
3. Examine how interest groups and divided government impact public policymaking.
4. Analyze and critique social, economic, regulatory and foreign policies.
5. Trace the process by which the Bill of Rights developed and impacted the federal government, and became
applicable to the states.
Day 1
To prepare: (1) print Policy Debate Series; (2) begin reading ABC-CLIO, all entries under Domestic & Foreign
Topic: Domestic & Foreign Policy
Format: Introduction of Policy Debate Series (debate rules, topic selection, resources, roles)
Days 2 & 3
To prepare: begin researching assigned topic. Report to media center.
Topic: Domestic & Foreign Policy
Format: Media Center research
Days 4 - 7
Topic: Domestic & Foreign Policy
Format: Policy Debate Series. Each day, students will debate a resolution pertaining to the four areas of
policymaking: Economic policy, Social welfare policy, Healthcare & environmental policy, National security
Day 8
Unit test – free response questions