Unit 1 Vocabulary

Vocabulary Unit 1
Frank, 2012
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The last section of your notebook will be your vocabulary section. It is important that you keep up with
the vocabulary assignments for two reasons. First, it will enable you to understand the history better if
you know what words we are using to discuss it. Secondly, it will be a grade every unit. Draw the chart
below in the vocabulary section of your notebook. Label the chart with the date and unit. See the
example below.
Unit # 31, 5/5/12
Vocabulary Word
First Associations
Unit #1 Vocabulary Words
Part 1: Introduction to Civilization
Evidence, Analyze, Point of View, Archeology, Anthropology, Historian,
Chronology, BC/BCE, AD/CE
Part 2: Neolithic Revolution and River Valley Civilizations
Agriculture, Summarize, Neolithic Revolution, Domestication, Nomadic, Physical
Factors, Human Factors, Monarchy, Theocracy, Oligarchy