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ESW Seminar Series
Monday 24th January, 5pm
Room 104, Fulton Building, University of Sussex,
Falmer (
Dr Kenneth Burns, School of Applied Social Studies,
University College Cork, presents:
Retaining social workers in child protection:
Career pathways, social exchanges and ‘myths’
There is a common perception that retaining child
protection and welfare is problematic for social workers.
Dr Burns will discuss a recent qualitative study in the
Republic of Ireland which found that turnover rates were,
in fact, relatively low - and that two thirds of social workers
interviewed expressed an intention to stay in this area of
This seminar will explore the professional, organisational
and individual factors that influence social worker’s choices
– in particular, their motivations, support and career
pathway understandings. Dr Burns will show that the
retention picture may be less pessimistic than literature
has suggested, and will look at implications for
service users, managers and educators.
* no registration or fees applicable
** refreshments available