ESW Open Seminar Series SOCIAL WORK Monday 30

ESW Open Seminar Series
Monday 30th April, 5pm
Room 104, Fulton Building, University of Sussex, Falmer
Louise Grant, Course Lead CPD Social Work / Senior Lecturer,
and Dr Gail Kinman, Professor of Occupational Health Psychology,
University of Bedfordshire
Promoting Emotional Resilience Among Trainee and
Newly Qualified Social Workers
Emotional resilience - the ability to bounce back when things
become challenging and stressful - seems to have become a
new buzz term in the caring professions. Little is known,
however, about the nature of resilience and its implications for
the wellbeing of employees and service users.
This seminar will provide the opportunity for the presentation
and discussion of a model emerging from an ongoing
programme of research examining emotional resilience in
trainee social workers. It will also explore how emotional
literacy and resilience can be enhanced through the use of
workshops and early interventions that aim to help students
develop an “emotional vocabulary”. The potential for these
interventions to enhance retention and social work practice
with service users will also be discussed.
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