ESW Seminar Series CIE Monday 1

ESW Seminar Series
Monday 1st November, 5 - 6.30pm
Room 101, Fulton
Dr Mario Novelli, Senior Lecturer, University of Sussex
‘Where Machiavelli meets The Good Samaritan:
New directions in education and conflict’
The last decade has seen a rising commitment by the
international donor community to conflict affected states,
with a recognition that achieving the MDGs is most
difficult in countries in conflict, or post-conflict. In the
education sector, it is estimated that more than 50% of
the world’s out-of-school children are located in conflict
affected states.
Whilst this ‘rights’ agenda appears most prevalent in the
literatures of the major international organisations, beneath
the surface lie other motivations that relate to the security
agendas of the major bi-lateral donors.
In this seminar, Mario explores the way education and
conflict is increasingly becoming caught up in military
agendas and national security concerns of major donors
and lays out some of the evidence for these assertions.
Refreshments will be served from 5pm