Indonesia rotation's expectations

Questions/Answers needed for Yale/J&J website to illuminate the role of resident
scholars at each site; to be completed by jointly by US and site mentors for each site.
Please feel free to add as much detail and take as much space as you’d like.
Site: __ASRI Clinic in Sukadana, West Kalimantan, Indonesia___
What is the Resident’s role in providing medical care:
 educator
 observer
 care provider
 other: _________________
The Resident’s day to day duties will be as a/an:
 Observer
 Provider with direct supervision
 Provider with supervision available
 Other: _acting as consultant to Indonesian doctors and hands-on trainer of all aspects
of care incl procedures_____
Do duties change over the course of the rotation? No/Yes
If yes, how?
Expectations @ performing procedures:
 Observer
 Provider with direct supervision
 Provider with supervision available
 Other: _teaching the Indonesian doctors _____
Please attach a template of the expected schedule, and comment on the following:
Taking Call: none, but may get a knock on the door at home about an emergency patient.
Can also asked to be called if an emergency patient arrives at clinic after hours.
Weekend Hours: none
Weekday Hours: 8am to 5 or 6pm. Mobile clinics depend on distance travelled. (1-4
Free Time/Vacation Days: evenings, weekends
Flexibility of scheduling: not particularly due to clinic only being open during the day,
during the week
Impact of time of year/season on rotation: always very hot and humid, rainy season NovJan) a little less hot but more humid. No volunteers during Ramadan or end of
Expectations for sociocultural etiquette:
Expected to wear conservative clothing: long pants or skirts below knees, and tops that
are at least short-sleeved or longer and not low cut (i.e. do not reveal cleavage). Women
wear long shorts and tshirts when swimming in the ocean.
Do not show anger or impatience
Safety issues: Sukadana is safe. Common sense should prevail.
Participation in existing research: if interested, contact Dr. Webb
List expected rotation sites/Affiliated Institutions: none
List optional rotation sites: none
Opportunities for Teaching
 presenting at Grand Rounds (if yes, how frequently? _____)
X offering formal lectures (if yes, how frequently? _usually 1-2 per rotation____)
X bedside teaching to colleagues,etc.
 teaching of med students (if yes, how frequently? _____)
other: ___________________
Opportunities for formal Learning
 Grand Rounds (frequency: _____)
 Attending rounds (if yes, how frequently? _____)
 seminars (if yes, how frequently? _____)
 attending lectures at other institutions
 other: ______________________
How many of these opportunities is a resident expected to attend?
Other comments:
It’s a wonderful experience. You must rely on good physical exam skills for most
diagnoses. The Indonesian people are very friendly and warm.
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