TPS 1107: Arts in Society: Theatre**
The Piano Lesson Performance Report **30 points.
Your responses must by TYPED. Retype the questions on your paper, Submit the report
along with your ticket stub and program, in a pocket-folder on the due date specified
on your syllabus. Points will be deducted for missing items and/or late papers. Points
will also be deducted for excessive grammatical errors: for every 3 errors, 3 points will
be deducted. Proofread carefully.
1. Name of Production
2. Name of Playwright
3. Name of Theatre Company
4. Name of Director
Each of the three questions below is worth 10 points.
5. Who was your favorite ACTOR? (provide name of actor AND the character he/she
played.) WHY? Discuss what he/she did with body, voice and imagination to make
the character believable and interesting.
You must provide specific examples from the performance to
support your answer—pick moments and describe them clearly. “She used her voice
well, and the way she moved was awesome” is NOT a specific description!
6. Pick a section of the performance and describe how the director BLOCKED the actors
so that you could clearly see character relationships through the movement.
Describe specifically what you SAW and what exactly it communicated to you.
7. One aspect of theatre is that it reflects the human experience in meaningful and
enlightening ways.
How did this production of The Piano Lesson comment on the human experience in a
way that was universal? Give two specific examples from the performance.