Geographic Theme #3: Human Interaction I.

Geographic Theme #3: Human Interaction
Re-Visiting “Elements of Culture around the World” assignment
a. Find someone in the class who has the same birth month as you. Share the following
a. What country did you choose, and why?
b. What element of culture did you use for that country?
b. Report out using “sticks of justice.”
The Sacred Rac Reading
Q: When discussing Human Interaction with the Environment, what is meant by the term
“Environment means ……………
“Sacred Rac” activity – with a fellow partner complete the reading activity and answer
the questions that follow
a. “The identified problems that the Asu tribe faces are………….”
b. “The solution to the problem of____________ is______________”
Q: Describe an “environment” and how it affects us as humans?
Human Characteristics
Environment Characteristics
Human/Environment Interaction
a. With a fellow partner, list and discuss at least 3 examples of how people in the
world interact with the environment in a negative way. Then list and discuss at
least one positive interaction.
The objective for you to accomplish before next class will be to identify one negative
human/environment interaction that is currently going on. You will be asked to briefly research
the issue, answering the following questions: What is the issue and how did it begin? Why is it
important? You will then take on the role of an activist in that you will give one solution to
solving the problem, listing practical ways in which to carry out the solution.
Being an activist, you want others to join your cause. Create a 8 ½ by 11 poster which
emphasizes the importance of the issue that you wish to tackle. You may use slogans,
along with other visuals that will help captivate your audience. Be creative and have
fun with it!
You can also choose to write a poem or song which describes the issue and solutions
for it.