What We Learned This Week… Miss Jackson’s Class Weekly News Central Avenue School

Miss Jackson’s Class Weekly News
Central Avenue School
What We Learned
This Week…
Math – This week we began our unit on multiplying and
dividing decimals. First, we reviewed how to multiply
whole numbers by powers of ten and then we learned how
to multiply decimals by powers of ten.
Reading – We continued our non-fiction unit by reading
and taking notes on a variety of topics. We also read nonfiction articles to practice identifying the main idea and
supporting details and finding textual evidence.
1/26 – 1/30
Dates to Remember
Tuesday 2/3
Science Review 8:10
Simple Machines Unit Test
Thursday 2/5
Delayed Opening 10:30
No Math Clinic
Friday 2/6
Math Clinic 8:10
January Birthdays
Writing – We continued working on our informational
writing pieces by using powerpoints, posters, books, and
songs to present the information we gathered. Then we
began sharing our final projects.
Doyle – 1/12
Sasha – 1/25
February Birthdays
Science – This week we reviewed the six types of simple
machines and continued working with our groups to build
our Rube Goldberg contraptions. Next week we will take
our unit test on simple machines.
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Anthony – 2/11
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Phone: 973-593-3173