Solicitation Amendment No. 002  


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Solicitation Amendment No. 002

  To: Prospective Bidder/Offeror: Date: December 11, 2015 Page 1 of 1 Project Title: HCC Administration Building Eyebrow Reroofing at 3100 Main Project No.: IFB 16-05 The Invitation for Bids for HCC Administration Building Eyebrow Reroofing at 3100 Main, Project No. IFB 16-05 is hereby amended as follows: Page No. 5 of 34, titled, “ Section 2 – Sealed Bid Form ” , REPLACE IN ITS ENTIRETY. See the attached, revised Page No. 5 of 34. Please visit our website at (click: “Business & Community;” select – “Procurement Operations” and then select “Current RFP/IFB.” )     Acknowledgement of Amendment No. by:     Company Name (Bidder/Offerer):   Signed by:     Name (Type or Print):   Date:   Title:  

Section 2 – Sealed Bid Form 1.


The Bidder shall furnish necessary resources and services required to complete the project, in accordance with the scope of work and project specifications and drawings hereby incorporated and made a part of this IFB and the contract documents, for the prices listed below. Please provide a Total Proposed Price reflecting all project costs to successfully complete the project. Work requirements will be specified in individual purchase orders issued by Houston Community College. Please submit this form in a separate sealed envelope and label it “Price Bid”.


Project Budget

The established project budget is $2,000,000.00


Total Cost Item 001 A B Description of Work/Items

Furnish and Install New Elvaloy Thermoplastic membrane roof system per plans and specifications. Installation bid

shall include cost for bonds and insurance. TOTAL PROPOSED PRICE:

Bidder’s maximum project duration (in calendar days)

$ $ Proposed Price 4.

Sealed Bid Signature

I have received and thoroughly examined the plans, specifications, and project schedule and have visited and examined the work site. I have also received and considered all solicitation amendments as posted on the solicitation website and have included those provisions in my Bid. I understand the work to be done as provided in the plans and specifications. I further understand that the work is subject to the review and approval of Houston Community College System and submit the following Bid. In submitting this Bid, the undersigned agrees and accepts all provisions and exhibits within this IFB. Name: Title: Date: Signature: Page