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Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
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Fax (801) 578-8262
Invitation for Bid
(Based upon Vendor Pool for State Contract MC1015)
Programming Enhancements of
IFB #M1375-iP
Due November 15, 2012, 2 p.m.
Pre-Bid Conference
November 7, 2012, 1-3 p.m.
Gregory Maynard
Purchasing Supervisor
The Salt Lake City School District does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, disability, national origin, pregnancy, race,
religion, or sex. Inquiries may be directed to the Advocacy & Equity Dept. 440 E 100 S, SLC, UT 84111, (801) 578-8251 or the
Office of Civil Rights, Denver, CO, (303) 844-5695
Purpose. The Salt Lake City School District (herein after referred to as the “District”) is seeking
computer programming services to improve and enhance their current version of iPestManager, an inhouse, developed web-based program for reporting the presence of undesirable pests. It resides in an
Oracle Database.
Based upon your selection by the State in bid MC1015, you have been sent this invitation to bid.
However, this IFB implies no reoccurring obligation on the part of the Salt Lake City School District
Notice to Providers.
This IFB is designed to provide interested providers with sufficient information to submit qualifying bids
providing they attend the pre-bid instructional meeting to be held on November 7th, 2012 at 1 p.m. The
meeting will be held at the District’s Facilities Service building (1005 W Beardsley Pl.
Background. SLCSD is an urban district with over 24,000 students in grades K-12, with 55%
ethnic minority and 61% economically disadvantaged. There are 27 Elementary, 5 Middle and 4 High
School, 3 Charter Schools and 2 administrative buildings in the District.
Over the past seven years, the District has successfully implemented an award-winning Integrated Pest
Management or IPM program and been recognized as both a regional and national leader. IPM is a
safe and effective approach to pest control in the school environment that is based on understanding
pest biology and behavior and reducing the conditions that are conducive to their presence. Most
importantly, IPM helps control pests without having to apply pesticides on an indiscriminate or routine
basis. The District has earned EPA’s Award of Recognition for its IPM efforts and since 2008 has twice
been IPM STAR Certified by the IPM Institute of North America. The District was also recognized at
the International IPM Symposium in 2009. Early on, the District recognized that additional tools were
needed to facilitate and improve the practice of IPM. Foremost was the need to measure progress and
evaluate program results. To fulfill this need, the District’s Facility Services Department developed
iPestManager©, a web-database application that aids in the identification of pests; provides a means to
report pests; tracks mitigation efforts to eliminate pests; tracks IPM related costs and pesticide use; and
compiles various pest reports. This application is the foundation of the District’s on-going IPM program
and has been in continuous use since January 2010.
Issuing office. The Purchasing Department is the issuing office for this IFB and all subsequent
addenda relating to it. Bidders are responsible to check our web site for any addenda:
Response. In order to be considered for selection, your sealed proposal must be received in the
Purchasing Office (440 E 100 S, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111) no later than 2 p.m. current Mountain
Time on November 15, 2012. Any proposals received after this deadline will be late and considered
ineligible for consideration. Submit paper copies: (one (1) original, plus two (2) copies). Fax proposals
will not be accepted. The reference number for this IFB is M1375-iP. This number must be referred to
on all proposals and correspondence relating to the IFB.
Inquiries . All inquiries or requests for clarification or interpretation arising subsequent to the issuance
of this IFB, that could have a significant impact on the responses to the IFB, should be submitted
electronically via e-mail to Greg Maynard at: greg.maynard@slcschools.org He will redirect the
question to the appropriate District responder for a response. Questions and answers will be
consolidated and made available via the district web site to all suppliers on record as having received
this IFB. All inquiries must be received no later than 3:00 p.m. current Mountain Time on
November 9, 2012.
Important Dates. The following are approximate dates for this IFB.
Bid Issued
Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting *
Inquiry Questions Due
Proposal Response Date
Evaluation Period
Product design, writing, & Testing
November 1, 2012
November 7, 2012
November 9, 2012
November 15, 2012
November 15-30, 2012
by March 20, 2013, (NLT June 2013)
* At this meeting, important information under non-disclosure signature will be presented giving needed
details regarding the scope of work and desired outcome.
Award of the Contract. The Purchasing Department is the only agency authorized to award a contract
for purchases above $750. The issuance of a Purchase Order will initiate the contract. Any separate
contract desired by the bidder must be submitted with the bid and will be subject to modification by the
District. Said separate contract shall be signed by the District’s Business Administrator in order to be in
Contract Period. It is anticipated that this IFB may result in a single award contract. The contract period
will be initially for six (6) months, with subsequent periods being awarded if needed.
Price Guarantee Period. All pricing must be guaranteed for 1 year.
Protected Information. State procurement rules as well as the Government Records Access and
Management Act ("GRAMA"), Section 63-2-101 et seq., Utah Code Ann. (1953), as amended provides
that information in the successful proposal(s) submitted may be open for public inspection after the
contract has been awarded. If a firm desires to have certain proprietary information contained in its
proposal(s) protected from such disclosure, the firm may request that the School District consider such
treatment by providing a "written claim of business confidentiality and a concise statement of reasons
supporting the claim of business confidentiality" with the proposal (GRAMA, Section 63-2-308). Pricing
elements of any proposal will not be considered protected. All material contained in and/or submitted
with the proposal becomes the property of the School District and may be returned only at the School
District’s option. Submit claims of confidentiality on the provided or also found at:
District Rights. The District reserves the right to waive any formalities, to accept any bid as a whole or
in part, to reject any or all bids in the best interest of the District. In the event the awarded vendor fails
to perform, the District reserves the right to begin negotiations with the “next best proposal” in order to
complete the project or services.
Incurring Costs. The District will not be liable for any cost which firms may incur in the preparation or
presentation of their proposals. Responses to the IFB should be concise, straightforward and prepared
simply and economically. Expensive displays, bindings or promotional materials are neither desired nor
required. However, there is no intent within these instructions to limit the IFB’s content or to exclude
any relevant or essential data there from.
Authorized Firm Representatives. The IFB proposal will list the name, title, office address, telephone
number, and fax number of the person(s) authorized to represent the firm regarding this IFB. The
District reserves the right to negotiate a change in the individual assigned to represent the firm awarded
any contact if the assigned representative is not supplying the needs of the School District
appropriately. The right shall carry forward through the response period and during the term of any
Remedies. The District shall have all rights and remedies afforded under the U.C.C. and the laws of the
State of Utah. Utah law rules shall apply in all disputes arising out of this IFB, without regard to choice.
Compliance. The vendor hereby agrees to abide with all applicable federal, state, county and city laws,
statutes and regulations and to be responsible for obtaining and/or possessing any and all permits and
licenses that may be required.
Acceptance of Services/Products Rendered. The District, through its designated agents and
representatives, will be the sole determining judge of whether services/products rendered under the
proposal satisfy the requirements/needs as identified in the proposal or as later amended.
State and Local Taxes. The District is exempt from sales and excise taxes. Exemption certification
information appears on all purchase orders issued by the District and such taxes will not apply unless
otherwise noted. Contact the Purchasing Department for a copy of the tax exemption certificate: TC721G.
Anti-Collusion. The submittal of a proposal constitutes agreement that the firm has not divulged its
proposal to firms, nor has the firm colluded with any other firms or parties to a proposal what-so-ever.
Indemnification. The firm shall hold harmless, defend and indemnify the Purchasing Department, Salt
Lake City School District, and its respective officers, employees, and agents from and against any and
all claims, losses, causes of action, judgments, damages and expenses including, but not limited to
attorney’s fees because of bodily injury, sickness, disease or death, or injury to or destruction of
tangible property or any other injury or damage resulting from or arising out of (a) performance of any
contract, or (b) any act, error, or omission on the part of the firm, or its agents, employees, or
Insurance. As appropriate, the firm shall maintain, during the term of any resulting contract,
comprehensive General, Contractual, Professional and Errors and Omissions (E&O) Liability Insurance
and Employee Dishonesty bonding coverage or such coverage’s as required by Federal, State, and
local laws governing the services/product described herein. Proposers shall also maintain all employeerelated insurances, in the statutory amounts, such as unemployment compensation, worker’s
compensation, and employer’s liability, for its employees involved in performing services pursuant to
any resulting underwriting contract.
Restrictions. Your response to the IFB must clearly set forth any restrictions or provisions deemed
necessary by the firm to effectively service any proposed contract.
Protests. A protest of a solicitation must be filed in writing with the Purchasing Department before the
solicitation due date and time. A protest of the award shall be submitted in writing to the Purchasing
Department within five working days after the aggrieved person knows or should have known of the
facts giving rise thereto. The protest shall include: 1) Name, address, and phone number of the
protestor; 2) The original signature of the protestor or its representative; 3) A detailed statement of the
legal and factual grounds of protest including copies of any relevant documents; 4) The form of relief
Payment. Payment is normally made 30 days following the delivery of the product or the date of a
correct invoice, whichever is later.
Scope of Work.
The Facility Services Department is requesting proposals from businesses with qualified web
developers and programmers to improve and enhance the current version of iPestManager. Interested
businesses may submit proposals according to the requirements outlined in the next sections of this
The application was created by District personnel using Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (Oracle
Database XE). Proposals to simply enhance the existing program will require programmers to be
expert in PL SQL and Java Script in an Applications Express environment. However, the District will
consider other database platforms including mobile solutions provided that all design criteria can be
met. The successful bidder will work with the Director of Facility Services who was responsible for the
application design. Programming code for the application will be made available to the successful
bidder; however, the original programmer is not available to provide assistance.
All interested businesses must attend a mandatory pre-bid conference. During this conference we will
review the current iPestManager application, outline the project requirements and design criteria and
address questions. All conference attendees will be required to sign non-disclosure/non-competitive
statements. The pre-bid conference will be held at the Facility Services site at 1005 W. Beardsley
Place (2480 So), in Salt Lake City on Nov. 7 from 1 to 3 p.m..
This project is being funded as part of an EPA Region 8 grant. The District reserves the right to reduce
and renegotiate the scope of the project in order to procure services within the available funds.
Project Contact. The successful bidder will work with the Director of Facility Services, Gregg Smith.
Programming code for the application will be made available to the successful bidder; however, the
original programmer is not available to provide assistance.
Time Frame. The project should be completed within six months from the receipt of a notice to proceed.
Change Order. Should it become necessary to amend the project schedule or scope of work, a project
“Change Order” authorized by the Director of Facilities Services shall be the means to initiate any
change to the issued Purchase Order.
Copyright Ownership: The District shall own and retain all commercial and future copyrights to all
finished enhancements, upgrades to the current application, and may assign such rights to the USEPA
or IPM Institute of North America.
Minimum Requirements. In order to be considered, all responses must include the following:
Three (3) copies of your proposal
Signed Certification of Proposal (Attachment A)
Five (5) References (Attachment B)
Address the items listed in Sections 3 and 4 – SOW & IFB Response Outline
Cost proposal (Attachment C)
IFB Response Outline. RFP’s must be concise and in outline format. Pertinent supplemental
information should be referenced and included as attachments. All RFP’s must be organized and
tabbed to comply with the following sections:
1) Title Page with the following
a. iPestManager Version 2 Development Proposal
b. Solicitation Number M1375-P
c. Date
d. Company name
e. Company address (corporate and/or local)
f. Phone number
g. Website URL
Proposal Summary - Provide an introduction to your company and a brief summary of your proposal
including total cost.
Company Profile - Describe your company and the scope of services provided. Address the market
sector(s) served, years in business, office location(s) nearest to Salt Lake City, number of employees at
nearest office location, etc. Preference will be given to local companies.
Project Approach - Describe why your company is the best choice for this particular project. Describe
how you will staff and manage the project. Identify the project manager, key personnel, the proposed
design team, personnel responsibilities, availability of local personnel, use of out-of-town or remote
personnel, etc.
Task Plan / Timeline - Provide a detailed task plan and timeline for the entire for the project. The plan
shall include a description of each major task, starting / ending dates for each task, key milestones, the
estimated hours for each task by assigned personnel, billing rates, extended cost by task, total project
cost including travel, lodging, meals, mileage, other incidental expenses and overhead and profit.
Experience - Provide information about five recently completed client projects that are similar in scope
and/or design to this project. Include a description of each application, highlighting any similarities to
iPestManager, database software used, application size, operating platform(s), number of users,
project duration or development time, unique approaches or features, markets served, etc. For each
referenced project, include the name, title and phone number of a key client contact who is familiar with
or was involved with the actual project. Top ranking companies may be asked to present a live
demonstration of their applications contingent upon client approval.
Qualifications - Provide resumes for all personnel who will be directly assigned to this project.
Resumes shall include education, work history and experience and relevant experience with specific
emphasis on web-database applications, Oracle Express or similar database programs, mobile
applications, etc.
Evaluation Criteria. The criteria to be used by the Selection Committee to evaluate the IFB
RESPONSE TO IFB -5%: Include demonstrated understanding of the IFB, and response
per instructions.
EXPERIENCE – 25% with projects similar in scope, qualifications and references from
past clients.
PROPOSED PLAN – 35%: the specific and concise information relating to your approach
the specifications,
COST – 35%: proposal shall be inclusive of all services referenced. (Use Attachment C)
Evaluation Rights. The District reserves the right to be the sole judge as to the overall
acceptability of any bid or to judge the individual merits of specific provisions within
competing offers and to award a contract based on the best value for the District.
Attachment A
We have read the Salt Lake City School District Request for Information and fully
understand its intent. We certify that we have adequate personnel and resources
to fulfill the proposal requirements. We further understand that our ability to meet
the criteria and provide the required services/product shall be judged solely by the
Salt Lake City School District.
We further certify that, since the receipt of this RFP, no contact, discussion, or
negotiation have been made nor will be made regarding this request with any Salt
Lake City School District employee or board member other than the listed contact
people in the RFP. We understand that any such contact could disqualify this
We further certify that we are properly licensed to conduct business within the
scope of this RFP, in the State of Utah.
We certify that all schedules and addenda contained herein shall be considered
part of the entire IFB response and that the complete document submitted shall be
considered a legally binding document.
Submitted by:
Firm Name:
Authorized Signature:
Name and Title:
Telephone #:
Attachment B: REFERENCES (Sample Format)
Provide a list of Five (5) public schools that have a minimum of two years’ experience with
your services per the information listed below.
Name of School:
Address Location:
Contact Person/Title:
Phone # of Contact:
E-mail Address of Contact:
Number of Students:
Product(s) Provided:
Name of School:
Address Location:
Contact Person/Title:
Phone # of Contact:
E-mail Address of Contact:
Number of Students:
Product(s) Provided:
Name of School:
Address Location:
Contact Person/Title:
Phone # of Contact:
E-mail Address of Contact:
Number of Students:
Product(s) Provided:
Attachment C: Cost Response Form
Initial Charges:
Rate per hour per person $ _______
(If different billing rates apply, so indicate.)
Number of persons required: _____
Estimated time to complete project ________ hrs.
Total Cost: $ ____________
Work guaranteed for _____ years or other ________________
Other Expenses: (See 4.01, 5) (fixed or estimate – circle one)
$ ______________
$ ______________
$ ______________
$ ______________
$ _______________ Specify: ______________________________
Possible Additional Charges:
Annual maintenance fee: $ ________________
SLCSD Staff training to use product: $ _____________
Project Total Cost:
$ _____________________