What are your financial goals??

What are your financial goals??
Think of the goals in your life; now apply these goals to your financial goals. This is the first
step of creating a good budget. I want you to consider your short and long term goals when
completing this assignment.
1. Goals for the future, for example, college, owning a home, vacation, etc. You must
have at least 8 goals.
2. Now categorize these goals to make them realistic financial goal (see page 10 to
differentiate between the following types of financial goals).
a. Short-term goals
b. Intermediate goals
c. Long-term goals
3. Prioritize your goals, which are more important to you, which are least important.
a. Short-term priorities
Goal #1
b. Intermediate priorities
Goal #1
c. Long-term priorities
Goal #1
For each of the above goals, write out your goal and answer the following questions
on a sheet of paper, be creative and add color to your flyer.
d. What I can do now to work toward this goal:
e. The resources I need to achieve this goal are: