Chap 2, Section 3 Review, p.51 1. Explain the importance of each of

Chap 2, Section 3 Review, p.51
1. Explain the importance of each of the four steps in a simple decision making model.
 Gather information: important to fully understand problem.
 Consider values: decision should be based on what is important to decision-maker
 Explore consequences: important to consider long-term consequences.
 Make decision: so an action can be taken and the decision-makers values
2. List and define the three possible values to consider when making environmental decisions.
 aesthtic
what is pleasing or beautiful
 economic
gain or loss of jobs, money
 environmental protection of natural resources
 educational
accumulation and sharing of knowledge
 ethical/moral what is right or wrong
 health
maintenance of huiman health
 reacreational human leaisure activities
 scientific
undesrtanding natural world
 social/cultural maintenance of human communities, values, traditions
3. Describe in a short paragraph examples of two situations in which environmental values
come into conflict with other values.
Thoughtful answer. Ideas from book: saving everglades, hypotheical about a nature
preserve. Class: cutting trees for new zoo areas.
4. Making decisions. Pick one of situations you described in question3. Make a decisionmaking table to shows the positive and negative consequences of either of two possible
Table format: Should consider 2-3 values
Value 1
Positive short-term
Negative short-term
Positive long-term
Negative long-term
Value 2
5. Analyzing ideas. Suggest how to make the decision-making model presented here more
Statistics to analyze, quantify data; cost-benefit study of outcomes, more input from
different groups.