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Question : It is better to spend money on something that lasts a long time, such as
an expensive piece of jewelry, than on something that provides short-term pleasure,
such as vacation.
It is of great worth to discuss whether or not spending money on something that lasts a
long time is better than spending money on something that provides short-term pleasure.
The answer of this question can vary depending on each individual’s perspective. I prefer
to spend my money on something that lasts a short time like vacation because of several
First of all, something that provides short-term pleasure such as vacation contribute to
relieving stress. This is mainly because, People can get over their stressful situation while
enjoying their short-term activities with group members. People in these days get stressed
out from heavy workloads that they need to handle and competitions with others around
them, so they need a pleasant diversion to relieve themselves mentally. Through this quality
time, they will eventually be able to get back to their works.
The perfect example of this is a close friend of mine. He used to suffer from a hard
workload and its pressure. He sometimes stayed up all night in order to get his work done,
so he was basically exhausted both physically and mentally. Then, one day, he got to have
a chance to travel to Japan, and it truly allowed him to escape from all the stressful matter
such as assignments and projects while engaging this activity. Thanks to this, he now has
a relaxed and confident mental state to be committed to his work.