M0084 – Sistem Informasi dalam Manajemen Multiple Choice – Individual Assignment

M0084 – Sistem Informasi dalam Manajemen
Multiple Choice – Individual Assignment
Pertemuan – 09
Computing and Communications Resources
1. Which computer component is a device that presents and/or transmits data from the
computer to the user?
a. CPU
b. RAM
c. Output device
d. Input device
2. Which processor speed refers to billions of cycles per second?
a. Megahertz
b. Gigahertz
c. Terahertz
d. Petaflops
3. Which of the following is not a term used to describe data that is stored in a
a. Memory
b. Primary storage
c. Secondary storage
d. Random access memory
4. The type of in-line memory module that holds a set of 9 memory chips where the 9th
chip is used for error checking is referred to as:
a. DRAM.
c. SIMM.
d. DIMM.
5. What type of storage holds approximately 650MB of data?
a. 3 ½ inch floppy disk
b. Zip disk
c. CD disk
d. DVD disk
6. Which type of printer is essentially a copier machine?
a. Laser printer
b. Ink-jet printer
c. Plotter
d. Dot-matrix printer
7. What is the key feature of personal computing devices?
Long battery life
Ability to synchronize data files with other computer resources
Small, but functional display screen
8. Which of the following is not a popular brand of personal digital assistants?
a. Palm
b. Handspring
c. Blackberry
d. Nokia
9. Which type of software manages the computer's processes, functioning as an
interface, connecting the user, the application software, and the hardware?
a. System software
b. Operating system
c. Utility program
d. Translator program
10. Which technology takes advantage of the high quality communications achieved with
fiber optics?
a. Virtual private network
b. Frame relays
c. Asynchronous transfer mode
d. Private lines
11. Which of the following is not a characteristic of the System Network Architecture
a. It is designed for large computers.
b. It does not require a host computer.
c. It requires firms to purchase additional hardware to control communications.
d. It was established by IBM in 1974.
12. Which company was not involved in the development of Ethernet?
a. Xerox
b. Intel
c. IBM
d. Digital Equipment Corporation
13. The communications network hardware that connects LANs together is referred to as
a. hub.
b. router.
c. switch.
d. NIC.
14. Which of the following terms is just the collection of networks that can be joined
a. Internet
b. internet
c. intranet
d. extranet
15. In the office of the future which personal computing device might you plug into your
a. Handheld PCs
b. Pocket PCs
c. Cell phones
d. Tablet PCs