System Administration Chapter 20 Quiz

System Administration Chapter 20 Quiz
1). Which of the following items are required on a SOHO client accessing a corporate network via a dial-up
telephone line? (Select all that apply)
a. adapter
b. client
c. Windows NT or 2000
d. protocol
e. file-sharing service
2). ____________________ is a broadband technology that makes use of unused frequencies on normal
telephone lines to transmit data at varying speeds.
a. Cable
b. DSL
c. Wireless
d. Satellite
3). The term _______________ means that data sent from your computer will travel at different speeds from
data sent to your computer.
a. downstream
b. symmetric
c. upstream
d. asymmetric
e. duplex
4). The ____________ is the term used for the telephone line that runs between your house and the local
telephone switching center.
a. local loop
b. phone loop
c. cable loop
d. DSL loop
e. Duplex loop
5). The external cable modem will be connected to a __________________ at the computer.
a. modem
b. serial port
c. parallel port
d. joystick port
e. NIC
6). If your cable connection was working correctly and suddenly stops, where would you begin checking for the
a. connection to the local loop
b. connection from the local loop
c. the cable modem
d. the cable splitter
e. the cable itself
7). A celestial object located in the eastern sky would have an azimuth of approximately
a. 00.
8). In a typical Wireless LAN configuration, a device that both transmits and receives, commonly referred to as
a(n) __________________, connects to the wired network from a fixed location using a standard Ethernet
a. network card
b. switch
c. router
d. access point
e. network point
9). When your dial-up connection using POTS stops working, what is the easiest method for checking the
telephone wiring at your home or office.
a. Check for a dial tone.
b. Use a tone generator.
c. Run diagnostics on your modem.
d. Run diagnostics on your network card.
e. Use the Device Manager.
10). On a computer using a Windows-based operating system, which utility can be used to send commands
directly to a modem?
a. Terminal
b. ModemTerminal
c. HyperTerminal
d. Chat
e. Telnet