Integrated Processing

Reading Word Recognition
Integrated Processing
Appropriate Grade Level: 3-8
Procedures/Steps: This strategy is designed to help students figure out
unknown words while reading. The strategy encourages students to integrate
phonics and content to pronounce unknown words and improve their
comprehension. The strategy begins with the teacher instructing the student
on using the strategy.
1) When an unknown word is found or identified, the student will use a
pencil to draw a line below successive parts of the word (ex. si lent
ly). The student will say each part of the word as it is underlined.
2) The students will repeat the process, saying the word parts more
Comments and/or tips: Demonstrate the process multiple times with
different words. Then have the student perform the same task to ensure
understanding. Accept whatever division of the word the student produces,
so long as each segment contains a vowel. Record student’s performance by
giving credit for acceptable approximations of the word and when the
student checks the context to adjust the approximation to a real word that
makes sense in the sentence.
Pemberton, J.B. (2003). Integrated processing: A strategy for working out
unknown words. Intervention in School and Clinic, 38(4), 247-250.