Subject Area: Math Place Values Strategy:


Subject Area:

Math Place Values

Strategy: Place Value Concepts

Appropriate Grade Level:

Elementary 1– 4 Grade


The student is asked to demonstrate their understanding of a three digit number by using blocks.


Provide the student with bocks that represent 1’s, 5’s, 10’s, and 100’s


Give the student a specific number


Have the student use the blocks to represent this number


Now, have the student use a different combination of these blocks to represent the same number.


Ask the following questions depending on the students’ goals, or lesson objectives:

“Can you think of another way to show the number ___?”

“How many different ways are there to represent ___ using only these blocks?”

“What would the number be if we added____ number or blocks?”

“What would the number be if we took away _____ number of blocks?”

For example: The blocks to the below represent the value of 24. Hundred’s Value

Thousands Value

One’s Value Ten’s Value

Comments and/or tips:


Pre-assess your student to be sure that pre-requisite math and counting skills exists.

For instance, the student must understand the concept of “value places.”


An example of a challenge question for step 5 would be:

“What number would be _(2)_ 100’s blocks, _(3)_ 10’s blocks, & _(1)_ 1’s blocks represent?” (Student would respond: 231)


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