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April 17, 2013
Dear Madison Learning Community,
I am pleased to inform you that the Madison Public Schools will adopt and begin implementation of
Math in Focus: Singapore Math, a new elementary math program, in Grades K-2 during the 2013-2014
school year and in Grades 3-5 during the 2014-2015 school year. This two-year roll-out will ensure the
appropriate time and attention is given to implementing the program with fidelity.
Beginning in the fall of 2012, a committee was formed to review and select new K-5 mathematics
instructional materials. The committee, composed of teachers of Grades K-12, Special Education, and
Basic Skills, as well as our Elementary Education Supervisor, our Director of Curriculum and Instruction,
our Elementary School Principals, and myself met to review several programs. The process included
vendor presentations to the committee, review of sample textbooks by the committee and elementary
faculty, and a faculty meeting to discuss the various programs. Subsequent meetings were held to
narrow down the choices. It was unanimously agreed to further investigate Math in Focus and Everyday
Math. Committee members, along with administrators and board of education members attended
school visits to districts using Math in Focus and Everyday Math, rating and evaluating each. Parental
feedback was gathered at an informational parent night held in February.
In researching the programs, great care, thought, time and attention was devoted to several
considerations, including faculty and community feedback, the Common Core State Standards, the
upcoming PARCC assessments, the programs of our sending schools, feedback from other districts using
the various programs, and most importantly, excellent math instruction that balances depth of
understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application.
The committee recommendation to the Board of Education was to adopt and implement Math in Focus:
Singapore Math, a math program based on the most widely used curriculum in Singapore. We are
thrilled to have the support of the administrative team, teachers, parents, and community in this
decision. At the informational parent night, the feedback received supported our decision to choose
Math in Focus. We are confident this is the best decision for our elementary school students because of
the stellar track record of the program, the abundance of resources to support the instruction both
within the classroom and at home, and the approach the program takes to meeting the needs of all
learners. Math in Focus is an enriched mathematics program that not only maps to the Common Core
State Standards, but also provides many important and valuable teaching strategies and learning
experiences. We are confident your children will benefit from this excellent program, and we are fully
committed to its successful implementation.
Please look for an upcoming parent night in the fall to introduce you to Math in Focus and to inform you
about how you can best support your children’s mathematics education. Informational material will be
available on the district website, as well. We look forward to working with you to provide rich
mathematics experiences for your children. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach
out to me, your child’s teacher, or your child’s principal at any time. We are here to work together for
the benefit of every child.
Best Regards,
Kathryn R. Lemerich
K-12 Supervisor of Mathematics and Business
Madison Public Schools
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