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Philadelphia University
Faculty Of Science Dep. of Basic Science and Math
Business Mathematics (250105), First semester
First exam
Student Name : ---------------------Student Number : --------------------
Date & Time: 19/11/2012-50 Min
Form : A
Q1 : Choose the correct answer:
a) 4
(12 points)
1. The Slope of the Line –x+4y=5 is
b) -4
c) -1/4
2. Make x the subject of the formula y=8/(6x+7)
a) x=(-8+7y)/6y
b) x=(8-7y)/6y
c) x=(6y+7)/8y
d) 1/4
d) x=(8-6y)/7y
3. The set of solution of the equation x2+2x-3=0 is
a) {2,3}
b) {-3,1}
c) {-1,3}
d) {-1,1}
4. Which of the following is increasing function
a) 2x-y=7
b) y+7x=8
c) -2y-10x=6
d) 2-3y=8x
5. The inverse of the function f(x)=2x/(x+3) is
a) f-1(x)=3x/(2-x)
b) f-1(x)=(x+3)/2x
c) f-1(x)=2x/(3-x)
d) f-1(x)=2x/(x+3)
6. The minimum point of the function f(x)=2x2-4x+1 is
a) Doesn’t exist
b) (1,1)
c) (1,-1)
d) (2,1)
7. Solve the inequality 3x+4 ≤ 5x+2
a) (-∞,-1/4]
b) (-∞,-1/4)
c) [1,∞]
d) (1,∞)
8. Solve │2x+3│=7
a) {-5,2}
b) {-2,5}
d) {-7,3}
c) {-3,7}
Q2 : The demand and supply functions of a good are given by P=-3QD+40,
P=(1/3)QS+10 respectively
(4 points)
Find the equilibrium point if the government imposes a fixed tax of $5 on each good.
Q3 : If the fixed cost of agood is 3 ,the variable cost per unit is 2 and the demand
function is P=26-6Q, find Q that maximize the profit
(4 points)
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