Math problem solving
Strategy: Seven Steps to Solving Word Problems
Appropriate Grade Level: K-6
Procedures/Steps: The “Seven Steps to Solving Word Problems” strategy
can be used to solve math word problems with more comprehension and
better effectiveness. The seven steps are:
 Go back to the word problem's question and ask yourself, what are
they asking for?
 Get rid of any extra data.
 Look for and identify the key words.
 Identify the essential numbers.
 Think it through again; what are they asking for?
 Solve using paper and pencil.
 Ask yourself, “Does my answer make sense?”
Comments and/or tips: This strategy for solving word problems can also
be applied to identifying key concepts in word problems from:
 Science
 Social studies
 Language Arts
Hoffman, J. (2002). Flexible grouping strategies in the multiage classroom.
Theory into Practice, 41, 47-52.