Marketing Plan, Kona Gold Coffees

Marketing Plan, Kona Gold Coffees
To give our new products their send-off, we have positioned point-of-purchase
displays with many of our retailers and have arranged for free tasting samples in
some of the larger discount warehouse and department stores. Newspaper
shoppers circulars and special custom display ads in weekly grocery and
superstore shopper guides will support this. For the main tourist traffic, we have
set up displays in the airports and major resorts and will run ads in all airline
shopper magazines and weekly island activities guides. The latter category will
include purchase discount coupons. For free publicity, we are sending press
packets and press releases to introduce our new products to four radio stations
whose primary listeners and viewers match our customer demographics
For annual budget, we have set up another $1,550 per month for ongoing
marketing and advertising, a first-year annual budget of $33,600. Our advertising
mainstays will be shopper newspapers, Web links, direct mail and some radio
and television spots where we plan to piggyback 30-second coffee bar ads.
Throughout the year, we will run ads in business and trade publications to
increase our retailer penetration. We will continue our slogan. To support this, we
will reach the end consumer by running ads in several consumer magazines
whose readers have the demographics of our consumer profile, magazine, and in
the concierge booklets in all of the resort.