Guelph Student Instructions For Accessing Job Ads in the City

Guelph Student Instructions For Accessing Job Ads in the City
Website Address:
1. In the User Name section, Type the name of your school using the abbreviation given to you by your
2. Type your password which is the abbreviated name of your school in lower case, plus the letter s.
3. Click on Login.
4. Click on Co-operative Education Programs located in the middle links under School to Career
5. Click on Co-op in Guelph
6. Click on Co-op Job Ads - Active
7. The next screen is divided into 12 Subject Areas:
nine individual subject areas; Art, Communications, Computers, English, Geography,
Guidance, Music, Phys Ed, Science
three sub-divided subject areas:
C Business - Accounting, Human Resources, Law, Marketing, Office Administration
C Family Studies - Child Studies, Fashion, Food & Nutrition, Housing & Interior Design
C Technology - Construction, Manufacturing, Tech Design, Transportation
Select the Subject Area and Click on Submit.
8. The screen will show an index of all job ads for that Subject Area, with information on job titles,
whether it is a morning or afternoon placement, and the number of placements available.
9. Click on the specific job ad ID number that you are interested in, to get more detailed information
on a job ad.
10. To print a specific job ad, go up to the very top of your screen to the Task Bar and Click on File and
then Print.
Important Note: Check with your teacher to see if there are any recent revisions to the job ads
that have not yet been posted to this site.
SchooltoCareerPrograms: Issued M ay 1, 2003, Revised June 14, 2006
File: E11 AcsJbAd - 003