Sample: Writing Good News Letters

235 E. Van Buren, Phoenix, AZ 85004
Dear Loyal Customers,
In 1983 John Jacobs had an innovative idea: to open a store that sells quality outdoor
equipment at an affordable price. It turned out to be an excellent idea, because AZ Hiking
Venture currently has five stores spread out through Arizona and is now celebrating its
25th anniversary. In order to thank you, our faithful customers, we are starting a
Frequent Shopper Program.
A card will be given to customers once they have shopped at our stores up to ten times
with the total amount spent equaling three hundred dollars or more. The card will give the
shopper a 10 percent discount and an additional 5 percent if they are a member of an
outdoor club, the discount adds up to a whopping fifteen percent discount on every
purchase. Wait, there is more the card holder will also receive information on upcoming
store events and a free t-shirt with card activation.
So if you have not been to our stores recently, be sure to check out our new line of
outdoor equipment which includes
 Tents
 Boots
 Clothing
 Navigation systems
 Winter equipment
 Rain gear
 and much more
However, be sure not to forget your Frequent Shopper Card at home. Once again, thank
you for supporting us through the years, and we hope to serve you for another 25 plus
Rohan Shetty