Current Status & Milestones, Kona Gold Coffees

Current Status & Milestones, Kona Gold Coffees
Kona Gold Coffees was founded by David Cooper 18 months ago. During this
time, Mr. Cooper has been doing market research, locating the site, obtaining
suppliers, setting up retailer distribution, purchasing equipment, and seeking the
necessary capital to spring board the company. We will open business with ten
employees, including the president, and we stand ready to buy our raw material
and begin production as soon as we acquire the last component of financing. Our
target opening date is January 1.
Our market analysis will show that our retail customer base has already arranged
for enough orders for six inventory turnovers – approximately 3 months of sales.
To date, we have raised $210,000 in capital which has mostly been used in
startup costs, leasehold improvement, and equipment. While we have
approximately $40,000 in cash on hand, we can see from our cash flow
projection that we should establish a commercial line of credit for $100,000 to
safely launch our new business.