Gaby Diaz

Gaby Diaz was born on the plains of Joplin, Missouri; grew up in the valleys of Caracas, Venezuela; and
has travelled all over the world. An artist at heart, she focused on theatre, photography, and creative
writing throughout high school and college but always knew her passion was in the classroom. After
earning her degree in creative writing from St. Edward’s University, she left the hills of Austin to come to
come back home to Houston. Diaz enjoys spending what little time she has not grading or reading for
school with her daughters, Viviana and Valentina.
Even though she looks like a student, Diaz has been teaching since 2005. She believes that every student
has an inherent curiosity about the world around them, their own identity, and their role in molding the
future of mankind.
Please visit her website at
Email: [email protected]