Glossary – Chapter 10 immediately plugging in the new system

Glossary – Chapter 10
Cold turkey approach – System implementation by cutting the old system and
immediately plugging in the new system
Corresponding failure – failure of a system to meet its design objectives
Detailed project plan – Formally documented project plan with tasks and required
resources listed and responsibility assigned by time period
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) – Comprehensive computer system supporting all
phases of an organization
Expectation failure – Failure of a project to meet its stakeholders expectations
Interaction failure – condition of a system not being used by its intended users
Organizational effectiveness – description of how the system will improve
organizational function
Organizational validity – degree to which the system will be used by members of the
Outsourcing – hiring outsiders to do work for a firm
Parallel instalation – implementation of a system while maintaining the old system
until assured that the new system functions appropriately
Partial abandonment – reduction in project scope in order to stay within budget or for
other reason
Pilot operation approach – implementation of a system on a small scale prior to
cutting the old system
Process failure – failure of a project to meet time and budget requirement
Project implementation – means by which the new system is intalled and the old
system replaced
Quality control – means taken to ensure that designed product qulaity is present
Substantial abandonment – radical revision of project scope
Technical validity – evaluation of a system with respect to accomplishing its
dessigned tasks
User training – training provide to users to demonstrate what the new system will do
and how the users can apply the system