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Wilson Montessori
August 28, 2014
The Paw Print
Come to Our Open House
and Parent Orientation
Dates to
September 1—Labor
Day—No School
September 4—Open
and PTO general meeting 5:30 pm
September 5—
Fabulous First Friday
Free Dress
September 5—
Breakfast with Bonnette 8:30 Library
September 6—Urban
Harvest Garden Workday 8:00-10:00 am
September 10—
SDMC meeting @4:00
September 10 –PTO
meeting @ 5:00 pm
September 18—Pizza
Fundraiser for Early
Childhood 4:00—7:00
If you need to pick up your child early, please make arrangements that
take these times into consideration.
October 3 —Fall Holiday– No School
October 8—SDMC
meeting @4:00 pm
Wilson Montessori Mission Statement
October 8–PTO meeting @ 5:00 pm
October 10—
Fabulous First Friday
Free Dress
We have almost finished our first week at Wilson Montessori and
we are excited to tell you all about our adventures in learning! Our
parent Open House will be held Thursday, September 4, 2014 from
5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. We will hold a general session in the auditorium from 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm where we will introduce new faculty
and staff as well as hold a general PTO meeting.
We are asking that parents attend the Open House without their
children in order for the teachers to focus on curriculum and management items with our parents. There will be an opportunity for
your child(ren) to attend other meetings at school later in the year
during our Curriculum Night and Parent Education Nights.
We look forward to meeting parents and giving you the opportunity
to explore our classrooms and talk with our teachers. Please remember that Open House is not the time to have a parent-teacher
conference. If you would like to schedule a conference, please call
us at 713-942-1470 and arrangements can be made. We will see
you next Thursday!
REMINDER—Arrival and Dismissal Building Hours
School doors open at 7:30 am. Please do not drop off students before that
time. Also, our doors will close for dismissal preparation at 2:45 pm each
day. Doors will not reopen until 3:15 pm. Please be aware that the doors
will not be opened during the dismissal process because all faculty and
staff are involved with dismissal. We appreciate your cooperation with
this policy—we are working to make your child and all children safe!
The Woodrow Wilson community is a diverse, student-centered environment
dedicated to the promotion of safety, high achievement, creativity and teamwork in
learning. We encourage all children to become responsible citizens and
develop their individual strengths.
Nurse’s Corner
YES!! We still have a part-time nurse! Her name is Ana Valerio and
she is excited to be working with us!
Woodrow Wilson Montessori is
located at 2100 Yupon St.,
Please do not send medication with your child to school. If your child is
in need of medicine during the school day, a medication order form will
be provided to the parent which will need to be completed by your
Physician. The completed form and labeled prescribed medication
must be brought to the clinic by the parent. Please remember that the
only medications which will be given at school are those that are
meant to manage a chronic condition such as asthma. Over the counter medications will not be given at any time per HISD guidelines. Likewise, antibiotics cannot be given, so please make arrangements to
give the medicine before and/or after school. Children are NOT to
have any medications in their possession at school.
Houston TX 77006
Additionally, please remember that if a child has a temperature of
100.0 or above, or has symptoms of illness, he/she may not return to
school until the symptoms and/or fever is not present for 24 hours.
Please be aware that this means that the child does not have temperature and has not taken any fever reducing medications.
Please watch where you park!
Please make sure to recognize our no parking areas around the
school. We all want to be good role models for our children, so
we need to make sure to follow the rules. If a sign says not to
park, please do not park.
Please do not leave your car at any time while you are in the circle drive, especially during dismissal. Remember, if you need to
get out of the car for any reason, circle drive carpool is not an
option for you. reserved parking and handicapped parking
should be used by permit holders only. We thank you in advance for following the rules and being a responsible and courteous Wilson Montessori Community member!
Our phone number is
713-942-1470. Our fax number
Our Website is
Office hours are 7:30am to
4:00 pm
If you have questions, please
call us!
Tip of the Week
As you enter the carpool
lane, please make sure to enter by turning right. We ask
that you not take a left into
the lane as that causes a
traffic jam. Look for more tips
next week!
Save the Date! Calling all volunteers...
Wilson Montessori
Family Campout
Weekend of September 26th
For more information, please
see the PTO bulletin board
near the main office .
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Do you know something
interesting and relevant to
our classrooms? Are you
interested in giving a lesson to our students? We
love to learn from our parents and families! Leave a
message with the front office and we will call you for
more information!
The Paw Print
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