English: Grade 9 Applied English (Boy’s Literacy Course) ENG 1PL

English: Grade 9 Applied English (Boy’s Literacy Course) ENG 1PL
Course Description:
This course emphasizes key reading, writing, oral communication,
and thinking skills that students need for success in secondary school and
their daily lives. Students will study short stories, novellas, and newspaper
and magazine articles that are of interest to male students, and will describe
and create media works. An important focus will be the correct use of
spoken and written language.
English: Literacy Skills: Reading and Writing, Grade 10 ELS 2O
Course Description:
This course is designed to help male students strengthen essential
reading and writing skills, providing them with the extra literacy support
they need in order to graduate. Students will read informational, graphic,
and literary texts that interest the male student, with a focus on locating
information, identifying main ideas and supporting details, building
vocabulary, and consolidating skills in the application of key comprehension
strategies. The course will also help students develop core learning