September National Literacy Month

National Literacy Month
Join the HISD Elementary Curriculum and Development Literacy
Team in celebrating National Literacy Month by developing the
following routines to support literacy:
Silly Song Sundays:
Sing silly songs that help build
language skills.
Oral Story Mondays:
One family member tells a story to the
rest of the family.
Time-Out Tuesdays:
Family DEAR (Drop Everything And
Read) time for 20 minutes.
Writing Wednesdays:
Write for 15-minutes. Read what you
wrote out loud to someone.
Think Three Thursdays:
Think of three things you learned this
week and share these with your family.
Friends and Family Fridays: Read to a family member or friend for 20
Strolling Saturdays:
Stroll to the library as a family and discover
the many resources available to you.
Check out books and other learning tools!