As we keep exploring a variety of

(7) Nonfiction Lesson 4 Look Out For Turtles!
Melvin Berger and other nonfiction writers use
different types of structures to organize their
information and communicate it clearly to their
(8) Nonfiction Lesson 4
As we keep exploring a variety of
nonfiction texts throughout our study, we
should continue to ask ourselves key
questions that will help us figure out
By using description structure, Melvin helps us
what text structure the author is using.
really picture the information in our minds in an
interesting and exciting way. This structure helps
us to better understand the facts. The compare
and contrast structure allows us to clearly
Knowing how the author organized his or
understand the things that are the same and
her information will help us make sense
of what we are reading and learning.
different about two or more topics