Ms. Hurt’s 4 Grade Classroom News

Ms. Hurt’s
4 Grade Classroom
October 23, 2015
Red Ribbon Week will again be a school
district wide event held October 26-30.
Lake Zurich Schools, PTO’s and the Ela
Area Coalition Against Youth Substance
Abuse are working together to make Red
Ribbon Week a successful community
event. Please see the attached letter for
the schedule of events.
Friday, October 30 – Elementary Halloween
Parties ~ PARADE starts at 1:30
Thursday, November 5- end of Trimester
and Read for the Goal due
Friday, November 6 – Institute Day – No
student attendance
Oral Language- “Share a Word” ~ October
29 for Lauren, Rafael, Jessica, Ryan,
Matthew, Katy
Nonfiction Book Review ~ November 5 for
Omar, Saioa, Liam, Joey, Amy, Jadon
The students were assessed their knowledge of place
value understanding for multi-digit whole numbers.
The students will use place value understanding and
properties of multiplication and division in order to
solve problems. They will illustrate and explain
calculations by using equations, arrays, and/or area
Students understand how to use text structures
to identify important information in nonfiction
text. The common text structures are
Description (main idea/details), Chronological
(sequence), Comparison (compare/contrast),
Problem/ Solution and Cause/Effect.
Students will need to choose and read a short
nonfiction textbook to use for their Oral
Language speeches for the month of
Students are working on different text
structures in their TAG groups.
Students will be working on a descriptive,
explanatory text that examines a topic and
convey ideas and information clearly.
Joe & Dillon
Joe is natural leader who has a zest of life! He has
keen interests and is appropriately involved in all
classroom discussions.
Dillon is kind and has a gentle nature. He shows
kindness and consideration to all of his
We are finishing our unit on Slow Changes to
the Earth’s Surface (Landforms, Weathering,
and Erosion & Deposition). Students will be
assessed their knowledge and then move onto
identification of rocks & minerals. We will be
starting our unit on the Northeast region. It has
been fun sharing the postcards from around
the USA every week!