Rain Forest Babies ~Story Vocabulary Words and Definitions~

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Rain Forest Babies
Study Guide – Lesson 14
Comprehension Skill: Fiction (make believe) /Nonfiction (fact)
Comprehension Strategy: Reread if you do not understand something
Story Genre: Nonfiction – gives facts about a topic
Phonics Skill: r-Controlled Vowel: ir, ur, er, ear ; Syllable Pattern VCCV
Fluency: Phrasing
Grammar: Pronouns
Writing: Paragraph That Explains Writing Trait: Conventions (grammar,
punctuation, spelling)
~Story Vocabulary Words and Definitions~
care- you look after someone with concern or attention
father- a male parent
interesting- you want to know more about something
thumb- the short, thick finger on each hand
sweat – a salty liquid that comes out through the pores in your
skin because you are hot or nervous
touch- to make contact with your hand or another part of your body
~Robust Vocabulary Words and Definitions~
dappled- something that has spots, streaks, or patches of different colors
or shades
entranced – something that has delighted or amazed you
trooped – to move along with a group of people
circling- something that is moving around you
adorable- something that is very cute
assortment- a variety or mixture of things
habitat- the particular home or place in nature of a plant or animal
immense- something that is really big or huge