Friday, January 22, 2016
Important Reminders –
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Math assessment on Friday
Science Test – January 22nd.
Literacy/Reading – We will continue reading and understanding fiction. The next
two weeks we will focus on the elements of a story and analyzing characters.
Math – Next week, we will start module seven. During this module, the children will
learn how to:
 Subtract decimal fractions
 Perform operations with multi-digit numbers with decimals to the hundredths
 Introducing a coordinate plane and plotting ordered pairs
 Graph points on a coordinate plane to solve real-world problems
 Generating and graphing ordered pairs from two numerical patterns
Science – We will start reading chapter 4 in our physical science book next week. We
will study force and motion, friction and air resistance, gravity, and Newton’s Law.
During the next two weeks, we will focus on force and motion
Social Studies – We will start chapter 12 next week. During this chapter the children
will learn about:
 The United States turning 50
 Andrew Jackson
 The Trail of Tears
 The Industrial Revolution
 The fight against slavery
 Women’s rights
 Sojourner Truth
Writing – We started learning about expository writing. Next week, the children will
begin to write a “How To” writing piece.
If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact me. 
Michelle Wheeland