Good Food, Bad Food--- Part One: Three Dietary Culprits



Good Food, Bad Food--- Part One: Three Dietary Culprits

Study Questions

1.) True or False. The food you eat helps determine how healthy you are.

2.) Fat, sugar, and sodium are often used as ____________ to increase the shelf life

of a product.

3.) There are __________ different kinds of fat.

4.) There are __________ different kinds of cholesterol.

5.) The “good cholesterol” is: a.) High Density Lipoprotein b.) Super Density

Lipoprotein c.) Low Density Lipoprotein d.) Mid Density Lipoprotein

6.) On the whole, plant oils provide (safer/unsafe) levels of cholesterol in the body.

7.) True or False. Most processed foods contain little in the way of fats, salts, and

sugars because there ingredients have been eliminated in the processing.

8.) The foundation of a healthy diet should come from: a.) fats, oils, and sweets b.) meats c.) vegetables and fruit d.) grains

9.) Lean meat is ( more/less ) tender than marbled meat.

10.) What is the most complete source of protein?

11.) Dairy products are high in fat, but are important because they contain


12.) Foods with high calorie and are low nutrient value are said to contain_______


13.) How many grams of sugar are there in one teaspoon?

14.) True or False. The average person consumes about six times more than the

recommended daily intake of salt.

15.) What two ingredients are most often added in food processing to preserve or enhance flavor? ____________ and ______________

16.) You should limit your fat intake to _____ % of your daily calories.

17.) How does your diet compare to a healthy diet in terms of fat, sugar, and salt