St. Nicholas Catholic School Council Annual Report 2008 – 2009 School Year

St. Nicholas Catholic School Council
Annual Report
2008 – 2009 School Year
Dear Parents and School Community:
The St. Nicholas Catholic School Council had a very rewarding year. The school council held seven meetings during
the year and worked on various initiatives to support the success of the students at our school. All school council
meetings are open to the public and we encourage input from everyone in our school community. If you would
like to become part of our team or have a suggestion for the council, we welcome you to attend an upcoming
We would like to highlight some of our initiatives and achievements:
1. Just before the commencement of the 2008/2009 school year, the dirt area to the north side of the school
grounds was paved. This made a noticeable difference for students, teachers and parents alike in the
rainy fall and wet spring.
2. Each student was again supplied with an agenda as an important organizational tool and an avenue of
communication for parents and teachers.
3. Artists that come to the school to reinforce concepts learned by the students have always been a success.
This year was no exception. The programs presented to the children included: First Day in School;
Waiting for the Special Bus; Potato Chips; Q-Mack; Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer; Blue Vale “Spread
the News” and The Dam – a bullying presentation.
4. Many students in the school were directly assisted: from the Life Skills program that teaches students the
everyday skills needed to live their lives to the fullest to the All Star Reading program that supports the
essential literacy skills that all children need.
5. We supported student physical activity with contributions of sports equipment; the arts with music
program resources; literacy with resources for the library; and the reinforcement of our faith with a new
6. Pizza lunches continued successfully twice a month and the Zehrs receipts program reached a new high.
Building community was the theme that seemed to resonate throughout the year. We came together as a family
and enjoyed events such as the Santa photos, movie night, PJ story night and the craft/bake sale. We supported
Holy Family Church with the overwhelmingly successful Advent Celebration in December; and rallied around one
of our own families at a time when they needed support the most.
St. Nicholas School Council would like to send out a special thanks to all those who contributed to last year’s
successes. This year, we are open to embracing new ideas and look forward to seeing both new and returning
members at our first council meeting on September 29th.
St. Nicholas School Council