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June 2013
Principal’s Message
As we enter the final month of our school year, we cannot help but
reflect on our many blessings as a Catholic School. So many
wonderful events and gatherings have enabled us to gather and live
out our learning as a Catholic community of faith. Our liturgies
throughout the year: Thanksgiving Mass, All Saints, All Souls,
Remembrance Day, Community Advent Mass, St. Nicholas Feast
Day, Ash Wednesday, Passion Play, Easter Celebration, Catholic
Education Week, Marian Celebration and our monthly Virtue
celebrations, highlight our prayerful connection to our faith story.
Numerous outreach initiatives: Terry Fox, Veteran’s Affairs, Earth
Rangers, Christmas Hampers, Toy Drive, Food and Clothing Drives
for Caledon Community Services and Saint Vincent de Paul, Share
Life, Haiti, Jump Rope for Heart, environmental engagement,
support for a local animal shelter, support for the needs of families
in our community, are lived examples of our calling to be Christ for
Our student leaders deserve tremendous credit for showing
initiative and taking on leadership roles, demonstrating ‘faith into
action,’ giving witness to Catholic social teaching by promoting
peace, justice and the sacredness of human life [along with
stewardship toward our environment]. Special thank you to our
Student Parliament, Faith Ambassadors, PALS Leaders, Tree
Huggers, Athletic Council and Peace Makers who have been at the
centre of leading and learning, helping our school community
‘grow in faith’, deepening our understanding of service to others
and inspiring us all to be better people. – continued on next page
The last day of school for students is on Friday June 28th .
Virtue of June is Fairness
Go With God! A
Summer Blessing
Go with God! This is a
summer prayer for you. Take
it with you and keep it in your
mind and heart.
As you leave for the summer,
and you lay aside all of
your work go with God, for
God goes with you.
As you begin new projects or
a well deserved family
vacation as you meet and
new friends, go with God,
God will guide you.
As you enjoy the summer sun
and the summer’s cool blue
waters, be wise and safe.
Respect the beauty of the
earth as God’s gift to you.
And go with God, for God has
created you.
As you go to the quiet places
to reflect and to pray, to
enjoy the peace, and the
beauty of private space and
time off, go with God, for God
always goes with you.
Wizard of Oz Play June 19 Cast 1 and June 20 Cast 2
Tree Huggers Rain Barrel
Ceremony with the Mayor of
Principal Message Continued
There is indeed “no place like St. Nicholas”. It has truly been an
honour to work along-side such a committed and dedicated staff.
Whether celebrating the “big events” like our 10th Anniversary or
the Wizard of Oz or engaging in the boundless sports and student
activities available, or the daily care ‘day in and day out’ provided
to individual students, the vibrancy of our school is a direct result
of daily selfless acts and goodwill on the part of all staff. Thank
you for your dedication to your students.
Catholic School Graduate Expectation:
A responsible citizen [is someone] who gives witness to
Catholic social teaching by promoting peace, justice and the
sacredness of human life.
To our parent community, we thank you for your supportive
partnership and the privilege of serving your children, helping
them learn and grow. To our School Council representatives who
meet monthly and give tirelessly back to St. Nicholas School, we
extend a huge thank you. The School Council has reached into the
school and made a significant impact on student curriculum,
student activities and building our school faith community over the
years. We thank you for your commitment to St. Nicholas School.
As well, to our numerous parent volunteers who serve our school
community in other capacities (i.e. All Star Reading) we say thank
Special thank you is extended to Father Larry, Father Damian and
Holy Family Pastoral team for their on-going shepherding of our
faith community. Thank you as well to our Superintendent of
Schools, Paul Mc Morrow and Trustee Frank Di Cosola for their
unwavering support and care for our School.
Our school has been blessed with a dynamic partnership and I have
been blessed to be part of leading and learning together with you
over the years. I leave St. Nicholas School with many fond
memories. Thank you.
On behalf of all staff, we wish you a wonderful safe summer!
God Bless.
- E. Fischer
Wizard of Oz
June 19 Cast 1 and June 20 Cast 2
St. Nicholas School Gym 7:00pm
Hope to see you there!
Tickets will go on sale shortly!
At the May 28th Dufferin-Peel Catholic
District School Board meeting, Mrs.
D’Agostino was appointed the new
principal to St. Nicholas School,
beginning September, 2013.
D’Agostino comes with a wealth of
experience as a educator and principal.
Congratulations and Welcome …
is extended to our Superintendent,
Paul McMorrow as he heads into
retirement. We wish him many
exciting adventures and years of
happiness. We welcome Les Storey
Superintendent of Brampton East,
Caledon, Malton, Dufferin.
Congratulations to Ms. Chiarelli who
recently was blessed with a baby girl!
Thank you
Special thank you and good-bye to the
following staff who have been a part of
Romasco, Ms. Stellato, Ms. Marks,
Ms. Pettinaro and Ms. Tedesco.
thank you for your contributions to St.
Nicholas School and we wish you
Virtue of June is Fairness
No School June 7, Assessment and Evaluation of Student Learning
School Volunteers
Our St. Nicholas Volunteers have given much of their
time and energy to help make St. Nicholas School a great
place to grow and learn. They are the extra pair of hands
that are always willing to help with Catholic School
Council, special program needs, sports programs, lunch
days and much more! WE SALUTE AND THANK
MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL! We have set aside
Monday June 10 at 1:45 to formally thank all our
The construction of the Full Day Early Learning
Kindergarten Classrooms is going very well. We
anticipate that the construction will be complete in
September. We are still hoping to be into the
classrooms for the start of the new school year.
Another Banner Performance !
Go St. Nicholas Knights!!!
Reading During Summer
Suggestions for Reading with your child
►Make reading fun! Choose a time when you and your child are
relaxed and have time to share a story.
►Talk about the story before you start reading. Look at the
cover and the title. What might the story be about? Why might
your child like the story?
►Encourage your child to reread stories and retell stories in
his/her own words. Use the illustrations in the story to remind
him/her what happened.
►Discuss the story to see if your child can relate it to his/her
own experiences, or perhaps compare it to another story he/she
might know.
►Give praise! Children learn best in a positive environment and
when they are having fun.
Grade 8 Confirmation & Graduation
Congratulations to our Grade 8’s who
received the sacrament of
Confirmation at Holy Family Church.
Graduation mass and ceremony will be
held at Holy Family Church on Thursday
June 27 at 7pm. Our prayers are with
you as you move to secondary school.
We are all very proud of their
accomplishments and wish them well on
their journey.
SK Celebration of Learning
Congratulations to our SK students who will
be participating in a Celebration of Learning
ceremony on Thursday, June 6. The ceremony
will take place in the gym for all SK students.
May God bless our students as they
journey through Elementary
School Council News
Thank you to our 2012-2013 School
Council for their
support this year. School Council
members have
continued to support the many school
initiatives and to
help in any way they could as true
advocates for our
students. We are blessed for their
sincere commitment
to serve our students in a
collaborative Catholic
Community. We hope parents will join
us next year as we continue to promote
and encourage the relationship between
home, school, parish and community.
Report Cards go home on June 26, 2013
Last Day of School June 28, 2013
St. Nicholas Family Fun Night Celebration of Learning!
What a Success! Thank you Parent Council for this wonderful event. Family
Fun Night was attended by more than 1000 people, Our Regional Councilor
Richard Whitehead, local MPP Silvia Jones as well as our Trustee Frank
Di Cosola were in attendance.
Please visit our lost
and found bin. A
gentle reminder
to parents to
please label your child’s/children
clothing. All remaining items will be
donated to St. Vincent De Paul Society
in July.
Student medication (ie: epipens,
puffers, etc.) that has been placed in
the office needs to be
picked up before the end of the year
and returned in September.
Sun Safety
St. Nicholas Red Maple Group
St. Nicholas Red Maple Group celebrate Canadian Authors at
Harbour Front for the Forest of Reading Festival.
Students from St. Nicholas were chosen from the Ontario Library
Association to announce the Winner of the Red Maple Fiction and
Non Fiction Categories. Congratulations to all members who
participated in this unique Canadian Reading Program.
The P.A.L.S. program at St. Nicholas School provides the opportunity for
students in Grades 1 to 4 to participate in structured playground activities during
the lunchtime recess. These activities are run by Grade 5 & 6 students who have
been trained and who have made a commitment to be P.A.L.S. leaders.
We would like to thank the students and staff who have provided this program.
A very special thank you to Mrs. Marbella., Mrs. DeBartolo, Mrs. Porco and
Mrs. Bontius for giving of her time to support this worthwhile program.
All Star Reading Celebration
A special thank you to the parent coaches
who guided the students this year and
helped boost their confidence in reading:
Thank you Mrs. Armstrong and Mrs.
Blazys for organizing and supporting our
Year End Reminders
Finally we are
Spring and
weather. To
protect your
child during
warmer month of June, we would
like to encourage the following practices:
A/ Apply sunscreen on your child so they are
protected from the sun’s UV rays during
recess times.
B/ Drink plenty of water. Bring an extra water
bottle to school.
C/ Wear a sun hat during outside play.
D/ During extreme heat alerts we will be
shortening recess time outdoors.
Returning School Books
All St.Nicholas
textbooks and library
books are due in the
school right away.
Please help us to
reduce replacement
costs by checking at
home and returning
texts. Thank you
Mrs.Siriani for continuing to keep our
library in tip top shape!
Bus Information
St. Nicholas Marian Crowning Celebrations
Students were busy learning about heart
health, and the importance of having a healthy
heart. Our Jump Rope for Heart Skip-a-Thon
was a great success in raising over $7050.00.
A special thank you to all our Heart Heros and
Mrs. Celia-Grisolia for organizing this school
lead event.
Report Cards
The Rosary Club has been praying the
Rosary since October and will
continue until the end of the school
year. They meet every Wednesdays
at 12:20pm. Thank you to, Mrs.
Stapleton, Ms. Dalton, Mrs. Bontius,
Mrs. DiNenno and Mrs. Loconte, and
Mrs. Valeriano.
Forming Our Catholic Vision For Learning in the 21st Century
Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board recently released a report entitled
Forming our Catholic Vision for Learning in the 21st Century. An overview
of this report has been shared in a letter sent home with students. A copy of the
letter is also available on the school website. This report will also be shared at
our upcoming School Council Meeting on Thursday, June 13, 2013, 7:00 p.m.
All are welcome to attend and learn more about this report.
School Start in September
The school office will be open from 9:00 a.m
to 3:00 pm, from August 26th to 30th for
registration and information purposes only.
School begins for students on September
3rd, 2013
Final report cards go
home on
Wednesday, June
26th. We wish to
draw your attention
to Page 3 of the
report called the
Response Form, which provides you with
the opportunity to comment on your
child’s achievement, goals and home
support. Please complete and send this
form back to your child’s teacher by
Thursday, June 28th. If you wish to
contact your child’s teacher, please do so
before June 29th, which is the last day for
students and staff, before the summer
holidays begin.
Remember to Place your Order!
Year books are $20
Hand in your orders now- delivery
will be September 2013.
Bussing Information
For more bussing information, please visit
our website at
First Day of School
The first day of the new school year for
students is Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013.
School begins at 9:15 a.m. Signs will be
posted around the school directing children to
their grade level meeting place as well as
posted on the school website. Our hours of
operation will continue to be the same as this
year, 9:15 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.
School Start in September
Safety Tips for Cyclists and Motorists
(CALEDON, ON) – The Caledon Detachment of the
Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) wishes to remind cyclists
and motorists to share the road. With the summer fast
approaching these are good reminders to both cyclists and
motorists. In a 2012 Ministry of Transportation Report it
is estimated that 630,000 Ontarians cycle on a daily basis
and about 2 million Ontarians ride a bike at least once a
week during spring, summer and fall.
Safety tips for Cyclists:
Follow the law — it’s the safest way to ride.
Bicyclists have the same rights and
duties as drivers and need to follow the same
traffic laws.
Be predictable — ride in a straight line, signal
turns and check behind you before turning or
changing lanes.
Come to a complete stop at every stop sign and
red light.
Ride with caution around parked cars and position
yourself in the field of vision of a motorist pulling
out of a parking space.
Be conspicuous — ride where drivers can see
you, use lights at night and wear bright
Be aware — anticipate the next move of drivers,
pedestrians and other cyclists. Watch for debris,
potholes and grates.
If you are a beginner or are returning to bicycling,
seek out clubs or bicycling advocacy
organizations in your community for tips on safe
riding, instruction, and group rides to improve
knowledge and confidence.
Ride Ready — tires need air, brakes must work,
chains should run smoothly, and quick release
wheel levers must be closed.
Carry identification and cell phone, emergency
cash, as well as repair and emergency supplies.
Motorist safety tips:
Respect bicyclists as legal road users with the same
rights and responsibilities as motorists. Drive
courteously and with tolerance. That cyclist is your
neighbor and you are sharing the same road.
Obey the posted speed limit, and don't drive too fast
for conditions.
Come to a complete stop at each stop sign and red
Check over your shoulder, and always check your
blind spot. A bicyclist could be there.
Maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and
the bicycle in front of you.
Use low-beam headlights when driving in lowvisibility conditions.
Yield to pedestrians and bicyclists in and entering
If you plan to turn right or pull into a parking space
shortly ahead of a bicycle in front of you, do not
Signal all turns and lane changes 30 meters (100 feet)
in advance.
Pass bicyclists only it is safe to do so. Exercise
For more safety tips and information on safe cycling, check
out the following websites: and
Together we can make a difference to promote safe cycling
5 Beach Volleyball Tournament
6 Make up Pita lunch from Pita No Show Day
6 Kindergarten Celebration , AM & PM
6 Van Den Hoek Farms – T. Romasco
10 Volunteer Appreciation Assembly
11 Pioneer Village, Gr. 4
11 Van Den Hoek Farms – B. Demers
12 Year End Mass: 9:30 and 11:00
13 School Council Meeting 7pm Library
14 Life Touch will be in for TEAM photos am
17 Van Den Hoek Farms – J. DiCristoforo & S.
19 Wizard of Oz Performance Cast 1
20 Wizard of Oz Performance Cast 2
24 Student Academic Recognition Assembly
25 Virtue Assembly
26 Reports Sent Home
27 Grade 8 Graduation
28 Last Day of School
Dates to Remember