8 Grade Science Human Impact

8th Grade Science
Human Impact
1. How many people are on the Earth right now?
2. The human population is said to be growing ______________________________________.
3. Give two reasons why.
4. Draw a sketch to show what exponential growth looks like.
5. Give four consequences of the exponential growth of the human population.
6. What are two types of air pollution?
7. Why is industry a major source of air pollution created by humans?
8. One of the most important types of air pollution is the buildup of the greenhouse gas carbon
dioxide. List two things that can cause the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
9. List two things that can decrease the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
10. What is smog and what does it look like?
11. What is landscape irrigation?
12. Why is restricting irrigation a good way to manage water resources?
13. What happens to water when fertilizer and sewage runoff into rivers, streams, and lakes?
14. What is this process called?
8th Grade Science
15. List the steps of eutrophication in order.
16. What is the problem with increased land usage due to increased population?
17. What are the two main types of land pollution?
18. Name two options for disposing of solid waste.
19. What does the graph show us about generation of solid waste?
20. What does the graph show us about methods of waste disposal?
Human Impact