A Note from 5 Grade th Social Studies

A Note from 5th Grade
September 11, 2015
The students are very busy working on our
launch unit in reading. Next week will continue
to work on growing ideas through
conversations and story elements.
Intervention time will include guided reading
groups using leveled readers about the events
leading up to the Revolutionary War. Students
will participate in reader’s theater
performances about this time period in history
as well.
Social Studies
This week in Social Studies we will
be studying the events that lead to
the American Revolution. We will
learn about the Tax Acts and
participate in a simulation using
Skittles called “NO MORE KINGS!”
Social Studies and Science are always
great opportunities to teach non-fiction
reading skills. In both SS and Science
we are working on Cause and Effect.
We are completing the second half of
Module 1 in Math. These lessons
include common core strand 4.NBT 5
which is to use strategies to multiply up
to two-digit numbers. We have already
learned the double and half strategy
and next week we will work on factoring
to multiply, partial product strategy and
when to use each! We will have a
chapter checkup next week.
September 14 –MAP test Reading
September 17 –MAP test Math
Social Emotional
5 graders will work on Active listening as part
of our school’s Social Emotional curriculum.
Next week we will be working on
another of earth’s cycles…the phases
of the moon! We will sing a moon song
and make moon phases out of oreo
cookies! Students should now
understand Earth’s revolution including
seasons, solstice and equinox as well
as the earth’s day and night rotation.
Language Arts
Words their way is coming! Students
were assessed and will be put into
groups based on their ability. We will
also start to work on narrative writing.