E.Q. Describe all the ways students can get confused

All notes must be
in the student’s
own handwriting.
Chunk the information on the
right to form questions in this
Describe all the ways students can get confused
when asked about moon phases.
Moon Facts:
 Causes tides
 Revolution and rotation are synched. They both take 29.5 days.
 Low gravity but still effects the Earth’s oceans.
 Only see one face because rotation is synched with revolution.
 Has many craters
 8 phases
 Grayish color
 Does NOT produce its own light. The only reason it gets bright is because the Sun’s
light reflects off it.
 The view from space is not the same as the view from Earth. Below is the what the
Moon phases look like from Earth.
 The phases go counter clockwise starting from New moon. The New moon is always
between the Sun and the Earth.
Write a summary about the lunar cycle here. Make sure to use complete sentences
and write a full paragraph, not just a few sentences.