By: Justin Crenshaw

By: Justin Crenshaw
• What stands out most to you?
Background Information
• When I first noticed
this image it was on a
website called
Blogger. Then, I went
to a website called
Business Green is a website
with the intentions of giving
news about politics and
business practices that are
environmental friendly. They
are also very Critical of things
that ruin the environment like
the BP Oil spill.
Analysis / What the image portrays
 The heart plays an important part. We all
have one and that is one thing that makes
us all equal.
 The flames that engulf the heart
symbolize who we are. It shows how
furious we are if we are not treated as
equals for any reason. It also represents a
passion for who we are. It represents our
values and who we are. One thing is for
sure. The fire in our hearts will not be
doused. We are who we are and you can’t
change it. You are just going to have to
learn to be more accepting.
 The bars labeled “Human
Rights” are trapping a human
being and preventing them from
escaping. This shows how we try
to escape criticism from others
who don’t accept us for who we
are. It also shows how it traps our
longing to be free from the cages
or cruelty.
*Notice there is no specific person
in the bars. It is because Human
Rights shouldn’t be limited to a
specific Gender, Age, Race,
Cultural views, or even who you
truly are.
• There is a variety of types of
people this can relate to.
It has an appeal to people
who are interested in a
sociology career (Human
behavior). It definitely
targets Human Rights
activists who stand up for
themselves or other people.
It can range from any issue.
A Few Examples of Human
Right Issues
 Racism
 Nativism
Although, people think these problems have
been fixed, there are exceptions created by
society. Depending on the morals of people,
they may believe something different.
There will always be someone who has a
problem with another human being for
being who they are. Conflict will always
occur and people will still not be treated
 How else do we judge others? (Think about what we
consider socially acceptable or how we may do it in
Foreground : The heart is in the foreground to
add emphasis.
Middle Ground : The middle ground is the
hands and bars. It is in layers so you are able to
tell where everything should be placed.
Background: The background, as said before
has minimum detail. You cannot tell who it is. It
is just plain gray.
• The white letters against
the black bars makes it
easy to see. It is a major
contrast because it is
extreme white against
extreme black. Black
creates a shadow effect on
the hands. Orange and
Yellow, almost like a red
gives a sense of
complement to the darker
• The picture can be very emotional. It could make
you depressed or angry. It could make you want to
stand up and fight for yourself or others.
The nexus of climate change and human
rights. Businessgreen. June 25,2009.
September 18,2010.