Christopher Hwang, MD – PGY3

Christopher Hwang, MD – PGY3
I grew up in South Jersey, went to college at University of Pennsylvania for biology,
worked for one year in pharmaceutical technology, attended medical school at Jefferson, and
now I'm a family medicine resident at Jefferson.
I've known I wanted to be a physician since I was young, and when I thought about a
future career, family medicine just made sense. I decided to continue my medical training as a
resident at Jefferson because of the excellent teaching we receive and also the chance to care for
patients in an urban setting. Now that I have a few years of training under my belt, I've
discovered that I specifically like caring for the elderly, and so I am planning on doing a
geriatrics fellowship in the future. I also really enjoy sports medicine, but I decided on taking on
one fellowship at a time. (Thankfully the fellowships are only one year long).
If it isn't obvious already based on the diversity of places I've lived, I love Philadelphia.
The food scene here is phenomenal, and I must credit my wife for showing me what good food
really is (favorite restaurant: High Street on Market). I'm also a die-hard Philly sports fan. Yes,
the fans have a reputation for being a little rough, but that's just because we - I mean they - are
passionate. I'm also a board game enthusiast as evidenced by the fact that I own almost every
expansion set of Settlers of Catan - yes we can play (you know you want to). In my other, other
free time - wait, no, that's not a thing in residency.