Emily Levy, MD – PGY3

Emily Levy, MD – PGY3
I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia in a family full of Internal Medicine physicians.
I thankfully escaped the dark side and courageously chose to pursue a career in Family Medicine.
My career in Family Medicine first developed at Duke University where I discovered my passion
for underserved care. Between working within my community in Durham as well as a during a
Global Medical Brigades mission in Honduras, I knew I was hooked. I went on to give myself a
year long academic break (everyone deserves this!) in Manhattan where I bartended and worked
at NYU Cardiovascular Clinical Research Center on the side (maybe it was the other way
I did medical school at Jefferson Medical College (now the Sydney Kimmel Medical
College). It was during that time that I was introduced to Sports Medicine – mostly through
horrifically playing intermural softball during school but also through the JFMA Sports Medicine
Department. Realizing that Jefferson’s Family Medicine Department combined underserved care
and a strong Sports Medicine Department, I knew that I was destined to be at Jeff!
My other interests include having costume parties, crazy hair colors, trying to embarrass
my attendings, and puppies.