5th Grade- DAY 4 Third Grade

Third Grade
5th Grade- DAY 4
Dear Parent/Family Partner,
Date _____________________________
Please give me your reactions to your child’s [email protected] activities. Write YES or NO for each statement.
_______ My child understood the assignments and was able to discuss them.
_______ My child and I enjoyed the activities.
_______ These assignments helped me know what my child is learning in school.
Any other comments:
Guardian’s Signature:
Physical Education:
4-6th students should look at the
fitness fun chart and choose 6
activities to complete. Highlight
or color the box of the activity
you completed! Have FUN!!
Practice your best
cursive/printing skills on your
reading or writing activity.
Problem of the Day: Daily Math
Complete Drop in the Bucket
number 8.
Complete Weekly Language
Review questions.
Arts & Humanities:
Read the Romantic Period Article
by Quaver and complete the 11
questions. Or Listen to music by
Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, or
Wagner and draw a picture or
write a story about the song.
What is the emotion? What song
did you use and why?
Choose a book you are reading or
one you have recently read this 9
weeks (see your reading log or
use your bookshelf on AR) and
complete one book review form,
either for fiction or nonfiction.
Practice presenting it to someone
at home and be prepared to share
with us at school!
Read library book 
Extra Practice: (Find these links
on my teacher webpage.)
-Manga High
Social Studies:
Snow Day #4 Monday Blues
Garfield 
Snow Day #4- Ice over your
window 
Read the article “Born To
Run?” and answer the