6 Grade Related Arts th


Third Grade




Grade Related Arts

Dear Parent/Family Partner, Date _____________________________ Please give me your reactions to your child’s [email protected] activities. Write YES or NO for each statement. _______ My child understood the assignments and was able to discuss them. _______ My child and I enjoyed the activities. _______ These assignments helped me know what my child is learning in school. Any other comments: _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ Guardian’s Signature: ________________________________________________________________________

Visual Art: Choose one activity.

1. Find the “Snow Sculpture” sheet in your packet. Create a snow sculpture outside. Take a photograph of your sculpture and email or bring the photo to me. 2. Find the “Draw Me a Song” sheet in your packet. Listen to your favorite song and create a picture that shows how the song makes you feel. You may use any art supplies that you have at home.


Internet Activity:

Log into your


account. Go to the yellow “Student” tab at the bottom of the page. Click on “Assignments”. Follow the directions on the “Assignment” page.

Alternative Activity (if you do not have internet):

Complete the “Name the Notes” worksheet and bring it to Mrs. Edwards upon returning to school.


a heart that is running. use for exercise. exercise.

Just for fun:

Find the sheet in your packet that has Create an exercise routine to music. *Write down the title of the song you *Write down what exercise you do and how many beats you do the *If anyone at home has a video camera on their phone they could make a video of your exercise and email it to me. [email protected]