Kindergarten Day 2 Third Grade

Third Grade
Kindergarten Day 2
Dear Parent/Family Partner,
Date _____________________________
Please give me your reactions to your child’s ilearn@home activities. Write YES or NO for each statement.
_______ My child understood the assignments and was able to discuss them.
_______ My child and I enjoyed the activities.
_______ These assignments helped me know what my child is learning in school.
Any other comments:
Guardian’s Signature:
Read the book The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack
Complete the snowy math
Keats. This story can also be found on
sheets in your math packet.
youtube at Then complete the story map by
writing a complete sentence and drawing a
picture for each element.
Number Talk:
Pick a different number
between 1 and 10.
Complete the Number of
the Day activity sheet.
Word Work:
Complete the Color by Sight Word for
the word like.
Social Studies:
There are 7 continents.
Follow the key to find and
color each continent.
Related Arts:
Pick out a song with a
fast tempo. While you
listen to the song,
exercise to the beat. Your
“routine” must include at
least 3 different exercises
and must last the entire
Prompt: Think about the adventures you
have had on a snowy day. Task: Write
and illustrate about an adventure that
you have had on a snowy day.
Healthy and unhealthy food
sort. Sort healthy and
unhealthy foods by crossing
out the unhealthy foods. If
you have crayons/markers,
please color the healthy
Pick a different letter and
number you have trouble
writing correctly and
complete a handwriting
sheet for each. Do your very
best work!