Study Guide for Rock Exam

Study Guide for Rock Exam
1. Understand terms relevant to earth science
uniformitarianism, porphyry, magma, lava stratification, fossil, foliation.
2. Understand the uniqueness of the earth and its ongoing processes of development.
List the 3 different types of rock. Describe each.
Know the 2 types of igneous rocks, their characteristics, and examples of each.
List and describe the 2 types of magma.
Know the 3 types of sedimentary rocks and examples of each.
What are the 2 ways metamorphic rock forms? How are the rocks they form different?
What does sandstone and limestone change to after regional metamorphism?
Know the metamorphosis of shale.
Know the order in which sediments deposit in a body of water, and what rocks these
deposits form. In other words, what type of rocks would you find on the edge of a body
of water and as you move to the middle?
Draw the rock cycle.
Explain why the rock cycle is not as simple as your diagram may indicate.