Earth Revealed: Name: ______________________ Rocks that form underground

Earth Revealed:
Rocks that form underground
Name: ______________________
Period: ____________
1. Molten rock beneath the Earth is called: ____________________.
2. There are about ___________ known active volcanoes on dry land.
3. Black volcanic rock is called _________________.
4. Andesite, in intermediate rock is called ___________________.
5. _______________ is so full of air pockets that it can float on water.
6. Two types of volcanoes are _____________ and ______________.
7. ___________ are droplets of lava formed during explosive eruptions.
8. Volcanic glass is known as ______________________.
9. ____________________ rocks are “fire formed” rocks.
An example of a mafic rock formed underground with lots of
iron and magnesium, would be __________________.
11. An example of a felsic rock would be ___________________.
An example of an intermediate igneous rock would be
The separation of minerals in the magma is
Anorthosite may be rare on Earth but is very common on the